Received this AR Lures Pencil 90 in April’s Tackle Grab Box and I have to say its flat out a fish catching bait!!! Do yourself a favor and check out AR Lures and Tacklegrab!!! You won’t…


  1. There's no way to buy them….I just want the pencil…this company is weird…it's owner is American, but everything is made in China or Japan. I'm confused.

  2. Colors are pretty, but it is your presentation that catches the fish.  Example, take two identical lures and paint one black and leave the other as it was when you purchased it.  Throw both out upon the water, let the one with all the pretty colors sit and bring the black one back to you and continue to repeat.  Which is going to get results most often?  If the one with color catches more fish than the black don't reel in the lure, just let them both sit.  Myself color is a sales gimmick to sell more lures. My  favorite lure was a crippled minnow topwater lure that caught more fish as the pretty paint peeled off the body.  You are guilty of falling for the sales gimmick of color.  I used to purchase from strike king a plastic shad that would stretch 5 feet and go back to original shape.  I could fish for a month with one shad before it got too torn up to use.  They are no longer available.  The reason people didn't need to purchase 50 a year.  I got through on 8 a year.  Now all their plastics tear apart again.

  3. GLF….with all the grass and so forth yes top water is the way to go….Frog fishing or frog popper type baits…or the 1/8 oz weight is a fantastic size to use as well….Fishing is slow with this heat but they will still hit top water if your patient enough and work it crazy slow…I am about to post some frog fishing videos here this week…With all the cotton deals in the water makes it brutal to fish through due to it getting stuck on your line….Good Luck and Tight Lines!! 17" AMAZING!

  4. Thanks for the video! We finally made it out to shady this past week. HOT weather but was able to pull in a few, largest at 17". The boys tried frogging, some hits, but the heat got to them! I went with a pit boss and yum mighty bug with 1/8 weight after going o fer on jigging. Is topwater the way to go with the water low an "junk" in water?

  5. Evercast and Ardent are now the same company but the reel I was using was an Ardent Edge Elite….Evercast reels are also amazing I just like the Edge Elite a ton going to order some Evercast Horizon reels soon!!

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