Sorry for the delay on this summertime bass fishing lures video! I got distracted and totally forgot to make this, but better late than never! So in this video I break down my top 5 bass fishing


  1. Am i the only person that thinks bassarinos are killer?? I fish lakes and rivers in minnesota with bassarinos and i hammer pike and bads on them, try them out the lucky 13 or any red and white are the best

  2. Down here on the Everglades for me are the swing baits and the soft bait fishing lures
    Swing bait catch a lot more because on soft one I'm not that good on rigging So I will appreciate a video of that thanks!!!!
    Great videos man I just got a little boat and I've been going to the Everglades every day since I bought it and yesterday the engine went 10-4 bad anyways keep the god job!!!!

  3. Hey bud, your videos are awesome and helping me land some absolute toads in the sloughs of Western Oregon. What color of Senko/Yum Dinger would you suggest for fairly dark stained water ponds? A dark teacolor. Also, I'm tempted to try a LiveTarget topwater sunfish but they're pricey. Have you tried them? Thanks

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