These are my 5 go to bass fishing lures for spring time fishing. Let me know what yall think!! This will work for pre and spawn. Buy LunkersTV Gear Here …


  1. lol im not gonna lie, I FUCKING ABSOLUTELY DEEPLY MISS THIS INTRO LOL, i remember u and 1rod were the 1st 2 guys i started watching and i thought that intro was AWESOMEBAS SHIT…i think you should SERIOUSLY CONSIDER putting this intro back into your videos

  2. Man, I remember when this video came out. it was one of the first I saw from you. I can't believe it has been a year!!! amazing how much you have grown! Ever since I heard of you I have been addicted to your content! Addicted enough to buy your rod and see you at a meetup! Keep up the amazing work! -Your biggest fan 🙂

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