Top 5 Smallmouth Bass Fishing Lures

In this Top 5 Lures video we will talk about my top 5 smallmouth bass fishing lures. Since smallie fishing is right around the corner, and I try to keep these Top 5 Lures videos seasonally relevant, this is the perfect time to get in a mindset of smallmouth fishing; whether that be from the river, or in a lake. We’ll also talk about rigging and retrieval for these lures, and tactics to help you hook up on active fish when you head out to the water.

Tips up, tight lines and have fun fishing!


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Gear I Use —

Spinning Rods
Shakespeare Micro Series 4’6″ Ultralight/Slow
Abu Garcia Silver Max 7’0″ Light/Moderate
Daiwa Triforce 7’0″ Medium/Moderate
Abu Garcia Vengeance 7’0″ Medium Heavy/Fast
Okuma Celilo 8’6′ Heavy/Moderate Fast
Fenwick Eagle 10’6″ Medium Heavy/Moderate

Spinning Reels
Okuma Alaris 20
Abu Garcia Silver Max 10
Abu Garcia Silver Max 30
Abu Garcia Silver Max 40
Okuma Avenger 45
Pflueger Trion 35

Casting Rods
Fenwick Eagle 7’0″ Medium/Fast
Abu Garcia Silver Max 7’0″ Medium Heavy/Fast
Dobyn’s Fury Series Flippin Stick 7’6″ Medium Heavy/Fast
Fenwick Eagle 9’0″ Medium Heavy/Moderate

Casting Reels
Abu Garcia Silver Max LP
Lew’s Laser MG Speed Spool LSG1SHMG


Content Creation Gear

GoPro Hero 2018
Akaso 7000 Action Camera
Windows Movie Maker


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