Fall fishing is right around the corner so I decided to give you a list of 5 of my favorite fall bass fishing baits! These baits work from September all the way until the late freezes over….


  1. Wait, what messed up your morning so badly you had to stop fishing lures and go home to talk about these lures instead? So you lost a hook and the fish? From what I can tell in the video you immediately changed lures and we're ready to go again.
    Darlin… , I've watched several of your videos; I've watched many, many videos like yours ( young guys who love to fish and have a GoPro)… But I got to tell you, we don't watch these videos because we enjoy y'alls senses of humor, we don't watch them to hear you talk about how you particularly tie on a lure, and we certainly don't watch them JUST to hear you talk. I don't understand why so many of your videos you're sitting down, inside talking about a lure. You're young talented guy, get your butt out on the water and show everyone literally how to fish with the lures you're talking about. ☺

  2. good video, what's the name of that finesse worm? I used to have it and gave me  great result  but i've just one left, and i don't remember the name of the company who made it! Cheers!:)

  3. Hey man. Thanks for all the great informative videos. They've helped me a lot. I'm a nube to YouTube vids and stuff. In this video you mention links to follow for monthly advice on baits. I'm not sure where those links are. Can you ELI5? Thanks again! I'll buy some Flair swag soon.

  4. I skunked today @ 3 seperate ponds.. 50 degree temps all week and today it shot to 60..threw everything from the whopper plopper to jigs to senkos to squarebills wtf?!

    I know there's fish where I was. It was slightly cloudy and windy.

    You think the drastic temp change is what ruined the bite for the day?

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