We’ve used depth finders, fish finders, electronics… whatever you want to call them… for years and we’ve never seen anything like the Solix 15! The clarity, detail …


  1. I am really glad to hear that you are doing in depth videos on how to read and understand the equipment. It is going to be very helpful for myself and many others I'm sure. Keep up the solid work!

  2. Matt your going to end up like Oprah. As soon as you say you like something it's going to sell out, it's awesome. I've seen from time to time TW sell out of baits/ colors for day or two after your videos😃

  3. Awsome video guys. I have learned so much from your videos. Keep up the great work. Like fishingf4tanks said a video on first time bass boat buyers. Buying new or used. Equipment you'll need or should have to improve you fishing skill and capabilities would be awesome.

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