Fun first weekend down here in Texas. Was able to fish a couple lakes with some fellow kayaker fisherman and catch a few good ones. Water temps were in the …


  1. careful the way you hold your fish… just brought up on bassmasters page the otherday… the way people are holding the lower jaws at such an angle is actually damaging the fish jaw.. leading to immature death of the fish i thought it was bullshit but the science is there.. love your videos tho

  2. How does that C-tug work out for your rig?? Does it ever give u any problems slipping off or anything? Just curious because I am thinking of purchasing one for my ATAK 140.

  3. Nice Video! thanks! Almost had that 6 plus pounder! ouch! lol…..question….. what size rod and what speed bait caster would you recommend using for Chatter Baits? thanks!

  4. I don't mean this in a bad way, but it is interesting that you didn't think Texas had trees, or green grass. lol!! I always like how people have a preconceived notion of an area and then are surprised when they get there. I've done it for different states too. haha! Great video sir. Very well done.

  5. I fish east Texas a lot i have some lake tips for you, Palestine is the most underrated lake in Texas mainly because people don't know how to fish it. All you need to do is get as far back in kickapoo creek LOTS of stumps. Athens is a good lake small but plentiful. Lake of the pines is good, again get back in the creeks same with bob sandlin. STAY AWAY from tawakani, god awful lake. Fork is obvious but you have to find your own spots. Texas rigged speed craw in red bug is my favorite bait right now. Chatter bait, swim bait, swim jig, crankbait, drop shot, and spinner bait are gold also. Lots of snags in east Texas so watch out. Good luck and tight lines

  6. Hi Greg, nice video.  Living in a warm climate State sure rocks!  Thought I'd share. my buddy caught a 14 lb. LM bass this past weekend from a local pond here in Miami.  I've been bass fishing for about 20 years and the largest bass I've ever caught was a little under 7 pounds.  go figure.  Tight Lines!

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