I had to make time to go to the river. As much as I enjoy guns and shooting, It’s hard to beat a day on the river. BTW,I caught all the big ones. Sorry, Eric, I must …


  1. 22plinkster Hey brother I'm a new sun LOVE the content! I live up in East Tennessee , Oak Ridge, 15 min outside Knoxville. Would like to talk to you and get some input about your neck of the woods and if your ever up here I'll put you on them

  2. I'm certainly not a peta member or a whiney liberal , been fishing my whole life..

    that said, why in the hell would you put fish on a stringer that you weren't going to keep ?

    c'mon man , that's wrong.

  3. Nice choice on the color. I have a bag of those same jigs in my box. Best lure I found for sm mouth in my area was Zoom Super Flukes in either pumpkin seed or smokey rainbow. I rig mine with Gamakatsu 2/0 bait hooks and 8lb test. Deadly combo for lakes or slow water.

  4. you got me figured out.  i like guns and stuff but i sold my glock 19 to put money toward my fishing kayak.  i figured i don't have to keep reloading my kayak.  i do miss the glock quite a bit.

  5. Please everyone, if you're going to release a fish, release it immediately . . . don't torture it on a stringer for hours. Sadly, most of these fish were half dead by the time they were released.

  6. i see your in a sit-in and eric has a sit-on top, whats your preference , i had a small cockpit dagger, no good for fishin though, been lookin for another but cant decide about the type, i see you can keep your knees out anyway

  7. You should do more videos like this, maybe with a little bit more editing. kinda like a montage of you pulling a fish you caught outta the water, letting them, go, cleaning 'em, casting shots, scenery shots. Also a bunch of trick shots&plinking all mixed in maybe even with music dubbed over it all. I really think a lot of your viewers would really enjoy this, I know i sure would! I know all the extra Editing takes a LOT of time, but even if you only did like ONE a month that would be Amazing!

  8. Love the smallies too…I think I can compete with ya now !!! LOL…I'm a ruger plinker but my real love is the smallie…I fish the new, gauley and kanawha rivers here in wv…Did do a week long trip on Dale Hollow that was awesome really enjoyed Tennesee

  9. Yeah. They looked like they would be ok, I've seen people throw back dead fish after they decided cleaning fish was too much work for the night.Pretty senseless. Just wondered if you had a reason. I'm not trying to diss you or anything, I like your videos.

  10. What kind of kayak you using? A friend gave me a 10ft jon boat and I've been paddling around some local backwater with that, but really the only advantage I have to a kayak is that I can carry another person and I can easily slap on a small engine. I think I'd do much better by myself in a sit on top. I haven't even bothered putting my boat in the river as I think it would just lead to me cursing the day away.

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