Swim Jigs with 3D Realistic Eyes Jig Head – High Quality Fishing Lures to Bait Bass, Bluegill and More (3 Pack)

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Our Swim Jigs are a must have for every fishing tackle box. Dressed with a 90 strand 100% silicone hubbed skirt and designed with integrated weed guard to protect the Mustad Ultra-Point hook. Our self-righting jig head design keeps the bait upright and running true. We also added a wire trailer keeper to keep soft plastics from sliding down the hook shank. Quality bass jigs for bass fishing champions.Our swim jigs have hand painted heads with 3D realistic eyes on the jig head
Includes a 90s strand 100% silicone hubbed skirt
Built-in weed guard and trailer keeper
Black nickel Mustad Ultra-Point fishing hook
Fishing Lures Made in the USA


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