This week on Fact’s of Fishing Dave proves that just about anything will eat a swim jig when your local lake is in bloom.


  1. one of your best shows to date fella! I've always been one to avoid the bloom but now I ain't. You are the best angler on TV since Bill Dance . impressive

  2. Dave's swim jig with the Jackall chunk craw works amazingly!, I had nearly the same setup (Shimano Crucial MH XF 7'2" BC rod with a Lews reel) tied a Talon bluegill swim jig with a Jackall chunk craw and caught a 4lb 8oz small jaw in 4' of pre spawn bass water in May long weekend of 2016 near the South side shoreline of Haynes point on a bass boat in Osoyoos Lake BC Canada. To bad Youtube doesnt allow posting pictures of proof in comments <enter picture me kissing the 4lb 8oz Smallmouth here>

  3. how does something like this get dislikes? Go jump off a bridge!!!

    Love the camera quality and production of the show! The underwater strike footage looks awesome! How did you get those shots?

  4. I have Always Used the Rage Craw but after finding out about these last Year I've made the Switch & My Bite has Picked up because of it.. Looks like the Secret's Out, Thanks a lot Dave…Lol

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