Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series, Stockton Lake, Vol 2

Hello and welcome to our Summertime Night Time Bass Fishing Series brought to you by ‘Bassin Fools’ on Youtube! Be sure and watch all videos in the series for many tips and gear suggestions for catching fish in the evening and into the night time hours!

Since the weather started hitting mid 90’s in early July, the fishing in southwest Missouri has definitely slowed down.

We know the fish are still there, as they still show up on our electronics, it’s just tough to get them to bite, especially during the hot daytime hours from noon to 6-7 pm. So, instead of just not fishing or not catching fish when we did fish, we decided to take a new approach for the balance of the hot weather here in southwest Missouri, July and August!

Follow our series on summertime night fishing for bass at ‘Bassin Fools’ youtube channel and on our bass fishing websites too.

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