Topwater frog fishing is my all time favorite way to target largemouth in the summer! In this video Ryan from HookinHogsTV and I hit up a fire pond and attempt to catch some Nebraska brutes!…


  1. Flair thanks for great entertainment, tips,and quality of your videos 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
    But I'm commenting because if you ever find yourself close to crystal city tx I can take you to some good/juice spots…
    I have no boat but I do fishing/ hiking on the nueces river crystal clear water.
    Let me know…
    Biggest I've caught is 3 1/2 lbs but have seen some torpedoes.

  2. Are you putting a swivel on your top waters? I just started fishing again, using braid for the first time (15lb test) and i seemed to notice im getting bunching up and backlashing on a spinning reel. any suggestions people?

  3. U guys should come to Durham North Carolina to fish. There are a few places that are really good for fishing like a few places with 15 pound bass like at this one place called Shelly lake there are 30 pound catfish and carp and some monster bass if u guys can come to North Carolina tell me so we can meet up

  4. hey flair I have a question. does it matter if you have a left or right reel bc I learned using a lefty but I'm a righty and wanna get a baitcaster. And I need to know if I should stick with a lefty or move to a right before buying it.

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