Hey guys! Check out my fiancĂ© Stephanie and I catch some bass offshore. We were catching these fish off points with baitfish on them. My top baits are spoons, …


  1. is bouncing the swimbait off the bottom or using a yo-yo style retrieve with a swimbait the way to go? I've tried 2-3 diffrrent sizes and have never gotten a bite. I have been using a stop and go, or a quick jig and reel retrieve. medium action 6'6" rod, pflueger president spincast reel, 20lb braid.

  2. Yep, focus on the positives that you've got, never the negative.(what you don't) Because we reap what we sow. A perfect example. Way to be Justin.

    The LFG channel has had a big influence on a Outcast in Ca. Beyond fishing. Mad props.

    Congrats on the engagement.

  3. To b honest fish r fish it doesnt matter wat bait or lure u use every bass has its own taste and likings. They live in different habitats and most of the time just eat everything that they can find. Anything that they think is alive or moving they will eat. Im talking about bass not catfish or bluegill.

  4. Have you ever heard of Matrix blanks by American Tackle? I have a guy who makes my rods and I've been using Matrix blanks for years and never had problem with them. I have some with the mirco sic guides.

  5. Another great video Justin, I have a tourney in a month on a lake that is a deep lake so maybe depending on the boaters I am with I will get to do some offshore pig sticking which would be a total change from beating banks in my local river and lakes. Oh and congrats on finding a girl that can catch as many bass as you, you reeled in a winner man. Many Blessing bro! 

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