Becoming more and more in sync with using longlining – letting out a bunch of line then reeling in a crankbait from up to 125 yards away in order to hit depths …


  1. Yo Mike, are you looking for any kind of structure to hold those fish or are you just graphing till you see a school? I couldn't tell but your Lowrance didn't look like there was a lot to the bottom composition. Looked like a slight bare hump

  2. in fantasy fishing your not allowed to use a net to the weird gut asking all the questions lol. Great video and technique Mikey. As always staying on big fish. Our fish are moving up on beds now. I here the Elite Series is coming to your lake soon….keep up the good work and tightlines!!!

  3. Mike. in some case braid will get down deeper and faster and more in a straight line then any fluorocarbon since the diameter is smaller so less resistance in the water over a long line. With fiberglass rods braid can be Amazing.

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