On this video I’m fishing in the San Francisco Bay and I catch “three” Striped Bass and released two of them,,,And I also catch “two” Jack Smelt,,,,”all on lures”,,, …


  1. Hello sharkman I really enjoy your videos and I was wondering what do you think of rockaway beach compared to sharp park beach for striped fishing? Which do you think is better

  2. Sweet videos SharkMan. Hey, where do you get those lures? Is that a DC Minnow? Also, every try any swimbaits or Rat-l-traps?
    Thanks in advance. Just started fishing for stripers last year. Peace

  3. Where did you fish here? U have a bad ass set up. One question i live close to rio vista. Does this lure work in this area also? I mainly fish off the bank i dont have a boat lol. Peeeeeaccccee

  4. big homie, aint that like a 70 dollar reel on a 250 dollar rod or am i mistakin? i think ima order one of those dobyns rods tho they seem like they are the shit. i watched a vid on the dobyns website and this one mutherfucker got like 25 fishing poles on his bass boat. i needa step my rod game up. thanks for the vids i really enjoy them.

  5. hey sharkman love your videos. What tides and time of day do you find work best for catching stripers in the bay? Thanks for any help im just starting fishing

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