Stockton Lake Showdown; Rapala DT10 vs Norman Deep Lil N

And the winner is……

Rapala DT vs Norman Deep Lil N, Mutton Creek area, Stockton lake!

Fished 3 hours Tuesday May 28th and decided to do a
Rapala DT 10 vs Norman Deep lil N Crankbait Challenge!
I’m a Rapala VIP and I love fishing their DT series crankbaits. On Table Rock lake and Pomme de Terre, I do well with the Norman Deep lil N since the1990’s. On Stockton the DT10 seems to produce equal fish but bigger size! Close, but surprising! Subscribe to win our weekly crankbait giveaway. One subscriber name will be drawn every week to win a Rapala DT10 or a Norman Deep Lil N, their choice!

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