I show from start to finish how to vacuum form your own stencils so that you can use them for custom painting crankbaits. Use them to make a crawfish pattern, strips, spots, or whatever! After…


  1. I love your work.  Great videos, have given me several ideas already.  One thing on the vacuum part for the stencils…try heating up the material first and once it starts to soften then turn on the vacuum…should help prevent the wrinkles.  I am just getting started in this hobby and yours has been some of the most that I have watched, so thank you.

  2. Love your videos! They really help newbies like me get started. I started out using enviortex lite epoxy with a drying wheel and love the results, but am intrigued with your use of KBS Diamond clear and the ability to hang dry with wires to prevent puddling at end of lure…. unfortunately I have a quart of envirotex and need to use it up. Have you successfully tried using the same hanging method with envrotex ?

  3. do/ can you use the same template forever or do you reach a point where the paint build up is too much? And if yes, is there a way to clean the thin plastic template? Is there a chemical that is too much for it? Would acetone eat through it or warp it?
    Thank you so much for this video. This is going to be much much much easier than cutting out new paper templates for each and every lure that I carve. Wow thank you!!!

  4. I was a pilot for 30 yrs but now my favorite hobby is fishing. I have a ranger boat and really enjoy making the lures. I am new at the lure making and really appreciate you detail, time and awesome videos. Thanks so much!

  5. You made that… That is amazing… I'm going to try making one of these vacuum things… I'm just getting started and I lucked up on your videos…

  6. A super nice and helpfull video – I'm already making plans for my own vacuumbox. Could you supply me with a link to the plastic sheets from Ebay you use, or just the exact thing to search fore. Thanks

  7. I was having trouble with 1.5 bodies warping under too much heat, and the way I found to remedy the problem was to take a small part of paper towel wet it, and stuff it in the 1.5 body half,,,,I haven't had any deformed bodies, and it doesn't affect the stencil making process.

  8. would you do a video on your work station? Do you have clip on lights ? I have used a poster board, like science fair displays, taped to a small table . I always feel too crowded and always need more light.

  9. Fantastic vids, thank you very much ! One question for you on the grappie painting vid, you cleared by brush instead of spraying, why ?

  10. Hello Mike,
    It's me again, you gave me the idea to do some stencils for painting my Balsa plugs too. I know they are similar one to the other (after carving and shaping the wood), but they are not exactly the same (as plastic ones). I think I can try this method. Definitively the use of stencils can make your life a little easier when painting some details…
    Would you please tell me what kind of plastic sheet are you using, and where did you get them? I know, that here in Lima, I will have to look for something similar, but your tips will be very useful for me. Thanks a lot, Antonio

  11. What HP do you run on the 1.6 gallon California Air – I am looking at the 1/ HP – 2 gallon tank and the 1 hp – 6.3 gallon tank – i don't know what the difference in the noise level would be between a 1/2 HP and a 1 HP (they say 4 db) – but I like the idea of a bigger tank. I have a little Badger 180-11 which I have struggled with and I have couple bigger compressors from DeWalt and Bostich but they are too loud. My thought is the bigger tank compressor will not kick on as much – I just don't know if the 4 db in sound level will make much of a difference. Any thoughts?

  12. does it matter what size holes you drill and the spacing for it? Also, Im having a problem with warping the lure from the heat… Im trying to get the plastic to mold tightly. Im using a round cookie tin that Ive drilled holes in.. Could it be Ive drilled holes that are too big, or not enough holes to have the shop vac properly lock down the heated plastic? Thanks and thanks so much for the videos.

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