When there is minimum wind, find the points with visible structure!


  1. I live in Windermere and do a lot of fishing on Butler and smaller private ponds, Gotta love our bass fishing around here..Maybe one day Ill run into ya out on the lake. By the way you ever been buzzed by a guy on a paramotor while on the lake? If so thats me and my buddy lol

  2. hey im going to be fishing a tournament at turkey creek april 6 and i was wondering if u have ever fished it before? and if u have could you give me some tips!

    thanks and tight lines!!!

  3. Hey im looking at getting an Airrus Co-Matrix 2.0 and just want to know do you think a 7' medium rod with a med-fast tip would be good to fish soft jerk baits, and swim jigs in minimal cover?

  4. holy shit… i just watched one of your old videos and you wrote in the comments "i was young in this one, watch my newer ones' i went to your newer one and your like 17! holy crap! haha

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