Shallow Crankbaits for tough fishing conditions.


  1. Love square bills I fish at falcon lake in south texas and thats my go to bait none of my fishing buddies like them but i do you should take a trip down catch some big ones

  2. Glass, CrankBait Rod. What about the specs Gene? I see a Duckett 7'6 crankbait rod ghost model, MH-Fast for sell locally, but I don't know if that give any or have enough give to it for cranking. The spec sounds a little stiff don't it? What's your recommendation on specs?

  3. Hey, Gene, love the H20 Express line.  I was wondering if you could do a review video on some of the other lures and tackle.  I like their squarebills and topwater lures but would appreciate your opinion on the deeper cranks, spinnerbaits, jigs, hooks, line, and weights.  Thanks!

  4. Hey man once again great video! I am looking for a rod and reel for crankin' that is a baitcasting rod and reel. Medium diving is what I am mainly looking for, any suggestions? If you could put…
    Gear ratio-
    and that's it. Thanks very much for you help I apprecite it!

  5. I've got a question if you don't mind (or more looking for your opinion really).  I have a pond in my backyard and I've fished it all summer with great luck usually catching at least 10 – 15 or so bass a day.  However, over the last 2 weeks or month it's like the fish have disappeared!!!  If I've been lucky I've caught 1 or 2 during this time frame.  I live in Southwest Va. and I've tried everything from spinners and cranks, to jerkbaits, to Swing Impact Fats, soft plastics (Texas and Carolina rigged) etc. and nothing is working.  Do you have an opinion as to why this is happening???

  6. How do you keep your crankbaits from rolling over and just not maintaining there action? I just bought a KVD square bill crankbait, sexy shad, and I do not think its the crankbait as it seems very high quality. I use a swivel and snap to connect it to my line which is 20lb seaguar flouro. The swivel is tied to my line using a palomar knot. Maybe I shouldn't use a snap swivel or maybe its a knot issue? It just seems like about 40% of the time the crankbait, any crankbait, does not swim correctly. I have checked bassresource but haven't found what I was looking for. Thank you!

  7. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your videos. As an amateur bass fisherman, I've watched tons of videos on the ins and outs of bass fishing and I found myself navigating to yours most of the time. You explain things in a way that anyone can understand in an effective, simplistic way. Thanks for taking the time to help others by posting these videos. Also, I live in Hickory and am wondering if you ever hit Lake Hickory or maybe Lake Norman? If so, what's your take on them? Thanks again!

  8. I'm looking for a spinning rod that I can fish in almost any bass fishing situation (I usually like fishing crankbaits or soft plastics). Whats the rod length and action type you would recommend?

  9. They were small problems like guides not perfectly in alignment. They weren't bad but just a little off and I'm pretty OCD about that kind of stuff. I talked to them a few weeks ago and they assured me that these problems have been fixed. I have yet to find a better rod at that price so I'm going to stick with them

  10. Hey Jim why did you change rods from Dobyns to duckett, I was just about to buy the 705 mh glass mod. Fast, what do you think about that one, I fish Lanier must of the time.

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