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  1. my go to and absolute favorite bass baits are soft plastics from worms flukes trick worms and so on I use a medium to heavy action rod with a spin cast reel and 12 pound stren line colore and the size of the bait do make a big difference not only in super clear water in all water and depending what type of water and cover a person is fishing yea I use to be one of those people who thought color and the size of the bait didn't realy matter oh how rong I was time would prove me so rong

  2. Is it essential to be stealthy when bass fishing with light line and how do I get a lure shy bass to bite. One time I tossed a 4inch worm that I work it unnatural on accident but that male bass looked at it and swam away after I put it in its face. Thank you and God bless by an novice angler; Ethan

  3. I was recently bass fishing at a pond and the water was about 45 degrees but it was very sunny that day so all the bass went super shallow and were hiding in some dead weeds in 3-5 feet of water. I could see some before they saw me and threw a trick worm past them and reeled it infront of them and they didnt even give it a second look…I tried some more worms, tubes, and even a senko but couldnt get any bites from these fish at all. Finally after using a jerkbait I tried a grub and caught three within 15 minutes…anyone know why nothing else worked for these fish and anything that might have worked?

  4. What color zoom finesse worms were those I have smokin' blue & some color of purple but I don't have em in front of me to say for sure the colors n I never used mainly bc I wasn't sure exactly how to use em bc I knew they weren't really for texas rigged

  5. Pretty good video!! You have answered what I always wonder, why the hell the fish are not biting? I always go fishing during spring holidays in Mexico with some relatives and we have this trouble, we have used many lures on fishing but no one has been effective. We have used spoons, crank baits, jerk baits, tube baits, worms, personally I have used spinner baits, buzz baits and jigs, with the same result: NOTHING! I will try this the next time we go fishing in spring.

  6. Another thing I do with this rig is skip it across the surface. Even if I'm not going under cover. Something about skipping that bait seems to really turn them on for me. Definitely my go to bait haha.

  7. All I use is a Carolina rig with a size 6 shank hook, with live nightcrawlers whole, threaded all the way onto the line through 4 parts of the worm. It lets the fish swallow the worms, but when they eat the worm the hook comes and hooks the gill

  8. This is all bullshit hhaha the wacky style works great but all that other Shit doesn't matter I use a bait caster with 20 pound branded spider wire and I catch fish out the ass

  9. I started doing something last year that is a little different. you see people using a lot of drop shot and shaky head rigs. I started using a drop shot but instead of just a sinker I use a shaky head or zoom trick worm. I really like product worms and I use either a product hot rod or a centipede style worm sometime rigged wacky worm. I have also used different versions of crawdads on the bottom with light head if there is a rocky bottom. I am listening to him while I write this. He may talk about the same rig.

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