Soft body frogs are a perfect cross between a hollow body frog and a buzzbait. Understanding how and when to use them will make you a better angler.


  1. I still think the best frog out there is the standard Ribbit. Loud and they have great colors. Green Pumpkin w/ Pearl belly is my favorite. I use white horny toads a lot too. Wish Zoom would put more in the package though.. the legs tear off pretty easily from strikes.

  2. Have looked at tackle warehouse for that particular hook, but having trouble finding the Owner hook you use for soft frogs. is it the Owner finesse hook, flipp'n hook, Light, Beast……. i am assuming the 5/0 light?

  3. Ill use both styles of hook. If I have a bunch of missed fish ill go to a double hook. Only bass we have around here are smallies and i find the short strike alot which if i use a double hook my catch to loose ratio goes up alot. Also i find with double hooks they run more true and stright. But it all comes to personal preference really.

  4. Excellent summary.  Thanks for taking the time to make and post this video.  I make my own soft frog hooks from Hitchhiker coils and Mustad jig hooks (28 deg works well in 4/0).

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