rapala pro bass fishing 2010 catching lou in lake minnetonka on the rapala maxrap.


  1. yes he will be able to catch again in the same session but not on the same place he will shown up on an another place near hotspots or just restart the map

  2. Yes of course as you able to learn him good instructions he will like the game and fun. some what friends of mine and family really finds it a super game and also find it funny to sometimes to throw out a fishing rod hihi 🙂

  3. every single crankbait lure i have except 2 are all rapalas, the other 2 are strike king and bomber a …. rapalas the best though, i love using the 3" firetiger under barkley dam in western kentucky, they work great for the hybrid stripers we have here, and some rapala jigs come in handy for panfishing too over by the locks where the barges go through for thoes who dont know that, bout every 2 or 3 casts and u have a bluegil or crappie.

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