The weather conditions called for a perfect day to throw a topwater. It’s early in the spring but those bass clearly wanted that Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz in Super White color. Strike…


  1. i live in north texas ( and know where this chick fill a is ) and thats sure how a north texas bass would hit a buzz bait, not even break the surface, just suck it under lol, nice vid keep up the good work

  2. I've been using a buzz bait for about 23 yrs. Just nothing like watching that wake come for it, what a rush!
    Next time use an ultralight rod and enjoy the rush. great video.

  3. Nice fish. This is the second video I've watched. You've gained another sub.An idea for you. It would be good for headphone users if ya cleaned the lense of your camera before you recorded a clip. And maybe it would be cool for you to film with a tripod every now and again. More cameras are more expensive, but the footage from multiple angles could look realy cool.

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