Hey Folks! I have a lot of footage from last week that I need to go through and edit. The first two clips are from May 6th and the third clip is from the 8th.


  1. I'm going on a fishing trip soon to alder lake, Idk if you know where that is but we're fishing from the bank. It's a lake reservoir with pretty clean blue water. It's pretty much a declining sand flat from the bank and there's little to no structure. What do you suggest rigging?

  2. Awesome video dude, 10/10! Im subbed. It would be great if you could return the favor and check my channel out. Let me know what you think of my latest vids! – Cheers.

  3. what do you recommend with the change in temps and weather ? As far as what to use and how to use it? Do you think the fish go into deeper water and also how does this affect the spawn?

  4. hey! in your first clip i caught my pb largie om that little stretch of that lake (not going to say the litteral thing it is called) on a 1/2 jig in one of those THICK trees!

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