In this bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Bass Guide Stephen Fatherree, shows which lures quickly locate bass. Buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and crankbaits are great…


  1. I like to use a 7' MH rod and 15 to 17 lb line on Lake Fork and other big fish lakes. This size bass rod can handle lightweight 1/4 oz baits all the way to heavy 1 oz baits. If you fish a lake that requires very accurate casts to docks, laydowns and other targets I recommend a shorter rod like a 6'6" MH. I hope this helps, thank you for the comment!

  2. To bass fish in college you need to have tournament experience with good tournament placement. A fishing youtube channel and sponsors from fishing companies don't hurt either.

  3. Those are all good baits, I like using rooster tails in shallow water, spoons in deep water, and plastic worms in both deep and shallow. Use a light weighted worm in shallow water and heavier weight out deep. Grass, rocks, and stumps are all great cover to fish for bass. Also look for docks and underwater structures such as points, humps, and roadbeds. Anything that is different will attract bass and baitfish. I hope this helps, good luck!

  4. great video i really think this will help me in the future. what do you think about rooster tails, spoons, soft bait worms when bass fishing? Where in a lake will i find the most luck bass fishing? Near rocks, stumps, and etc?

  5. Thanks for the comment, I will make a video on punching mats next time I can get around some! For bed fishing I like to use a small white tubes or craws on a 1/2 oz weight. Its best to use a smaller bait that way a bass cannot pick up the plastic without getting the hook as well. The 1/2 oz weight helps you to flip the bait to the bedding bass much easier than when using a lighter weight.

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