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  1. I was hitting a local pond today with similar conditions but i like fishing a senko weedless rigged and cast beyond the weeds and bouncing back over the top of the weeds and i get slammed every time..

  2. I caught 2 bass at a pond with an area like that. Though I should've muscled them in like you did so I wouldn't have to pull a bunch of moss of them.

  3. I grew up in Okla fishing ponds for bass, and your set up is identical to what I prefer. Med-heavy 6 ft rod with 12 lb ultrathin. I prefer black power bait worms tho, but you can use any kind I spose.

  4. Just caught a 4 pound largemouth yesterday using a wacky worm rig out of a pond no bigger than my swimming pool. Cast that bait up as high as possible so it makes a loud splash when it impacts the surface of the water. Let it sink for a few seconds and you'll guaranteed a strike damn near every time.

  5. Kevin, what type of hook has allowed you to land the most fish while wacky rigging? Could you talk about the hooks that you have used and which hook (name and size) you prefer?

  6. I saw a fellow fisherman using a wacky rig and was catching bass, i was using a worm with a curly tail which rock bass were loving, so I didn't think much about it. I will now try this rig out, cant wait! also nice video 😀

  7. I'm pretty new to fishing, and I've watched almost all of your videos. I gave this technique a try today when I had about 20 minutes of free time, and I caught a nice sized large mouth bass on my second cast. I'm gonna try top water frogs next. Thanks a lot man.

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