Peacock Bass Fishing Florida Canals

Peacock Action starts at 2:20 Location: Miami, Florida Date: 2/27/15 Time Fished: 7 am – 1 pm 3 pm – 7 pm Air Temp: 85 degrees Water Temp: 73 degrees …



  1. Diego Alvarado

    Does anyone know a good canal or lake in north miami florida? I am going to North Miami by Emerson Lake area and would like to know good areas to fish, preferably for peacock bass.

  2. D Th

    How many fish did you catch throughout these years? i caught a pike,almost another 1 but i lost it,10 bluegills,5 perch thats all the fishes i caught in 2016

  3. Siwulam

    I fished Holiday Park not too long ago. You have to find spots with no lilly pads and thats where the fish are hanging out in schools. We killed it once we found open tree covered areas. Cichlids were in schools.

  4. Joey Warren

    Coming to Dolphins game on October 16. me and my buddy Will have Sat to Bank fish with a couple of 2 piece rods. looking for a hotel that I can walk to some canals with peacocks or good spots to park rental car and fish. Any sugesstions. Will be flying into MIA

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