Accurate Boss Extreme cranks Another Chesapeake Bay Beauty. Tommy Adamski catches a pig. Strolling live eels with planers and floats. Fish Bag available at are super-duty,…


  1. what an awesome fish, and what an awesome way to catch it. that would be a hell of a fish to bring in with a 50 side, but that lighter tackle is fun.

  2. He bring fillets to the VFW every Sunday. He brings them fish and just sits with them and listens. Every Sunday without fail. Tommy is a cool dude. Im glad he got that monster. Thanks County!

  3. We put in at Kiptopeke, but had to run north of buoy 44!! Fishing was good as always mid December, but warm weather allowed fish to migrate further north. By end of December all the fish were way up past 44!! Had very little success near Kiptopeke but cleaned up past 44. Thanks.

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