Ohio Cold Water smallmouth bass Fishing

The HamBros crew get in there first creek trip of the year. Join by Chris Fetterman, the day starts off slow, but the boys where abel to land there first smallies of …



  1. Jeff Patterson

    hey i didnt see this one, sorry about that boys, i would have commented earlyer, great as always, bostic was very informative, lol ,hambros back in the creeks !!!!!!!!

  2. Luke Siman

    Nice fish! Me and my buddy caught our first bass of the season and it was a largemouth! We were fishing the east fork black river and pulled this guy out of a hole on a rebel craw. The area was about 100 yards from a dam and that explains the fish. The water temps were up and very nice.

  3. Strongprotector

    my first fishing trip was last saturday i was in a tunnel at the river which led to a little creek i caught to striper and two walleye with i 3in. white mister twister

  4. tcoutdoor15

    Great video. We catch some nice spotted bass in our creeks where we live they are just starting to come up and are finicky. When it gets warmer they will start to bite better.

  5. Sir Grease

    Hey Guys, yall need to make some fishing videos towards the eastside, over here in the milford/batavia area! hahaha EFLMR or something over this way! Maybe we can meet up

  6. JoeandZachSurvival

    Nice video, its good to see that soon we can finaly get out open water fishing. There is still lots of ice on the lakes here in MN but our average high this time of year is 39 and right now its a record 66 so it shouldnt be long. Nice seeing your first fish of the year, thanks for posting. Joe

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