My northern pike decided to eat my largemouth bass. Caught it all on video. Yes, he finished up the bass. He was able to get it all down. The basses were …


  1. If the Pike didn't choke and die…I'll be sure surprised. Pike can choke down some massive meals, but that meal might get the best of him. I've been wrong before, so that's just my opinion…oh snap!!!Lol…

  2. "bass: o shit man dont eat me please i didnt know it was your Daughter!" "pike: NO MAN! NO! YOU GOT HER PREGNATE! IM FUSCKING EATING YOU!!!!" "BASS: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Pike: YES MAN YES!! *GROUHFFFFFFFFFFF* swallows*"

  3. i love ur tiger oscars i had one who got to be 11 inched with 12 spines and amazing color 🙂 they get sick easy tho tank always has to be just right ,i have an angel fish now i love cichlids

  4. I had a 12-13 inch pike in my tank and I was stupid enough to put a 5" Brook Trout in with it—thinking that the trout was too big and the pike would never look at it as a meal—-when I got home, I was very surprised. The pikes head was as flat as a pancake as he attempted to eat this huge meal. I thought the pike was going to choke itself. 2 days later the tail of the trout was still sticking out of his mouth. Pike are like snakes when it comes to eating. Cheers

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