Fishing in the dead of summer can really suck! But this is why you never give up! I hope you all enjoy! ▻Ryan’s channel – ▻Buy my favorite …


  1. flair catches 3 fish in at dusk + secret lure that doesn't produce + co-fisher catches bass in dark = flair naming his video "NIGHT FISHING TOPWATER FROGS!!!!" Classic flair with all the smoke and mirrors with naming videos.
    I guess I am not too surprised, but hey…. I do keep coming back to be disappointed and let down. <insert out-trow> Tune in next week boys and girls to see how how creative i am with naming videos that don't have anything, if at all to do with the video.

  2. I got em ca u believe it released with a fluke thx for that video helped actually -keep posting thats awesome u make fishing fun and easy like u simplified all the fishing game myman co grats on your sucess and i wish ya well broski 🙂

  3. So Andrew, when you say "10lb fish" you are Not supposed to count the weeds too…lol BUT, to be honest, Great Video Dude. You guys got some quality fish. Maybe someday! I just may get lucky enough to do that. God Bless Dude!

  4. Yo flair sick video man, just wondering but do you ever get copyrighted? How do you find these beats and stuff without getting in trouble by YouTube or anyone? I've gotten 2 notices for songs that arnt even known

  5. i just subscribed to ur channel im more into hunting but i saw one of your videos n clicked on it n havent been able to stop watching 3 hour later n still watching them ! You have some of the best fishing videos ive watched on You-Tube ! Thanks n Keep'em coming James

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