New 2019 Personal Best Spinnerbait Pig!!! (Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing)

Do you want to catch a giant pre-spawn bass!?! If so, don’t forget to throw a spinnerbait. It helped me catch my biggest bass of the year so far!!! In this video I throw in a few tip and techniques that will help you understand when, why and where you should consider using a spinnerbait to catch some giant pre-spawn bass in the Spring.

Thanks for watching!!!

*Links to some of the tackle I use:

*War Eagle Spinnerbait:
*Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbo Line:
*Lew’s Baitcasting Reel:
*Lew’s Custom Speed Stick Rods:
*Line Conditioner:
*Line Cutters:

*My camera equipment:

*Current GoPro equivalent:
*External Audio Mic:
*Open Side Skeleton Housing:
*GoPro Chest Mount:

*Boat Accessories:

*Current Lowrance Depth/Fishfinder:
*Battery for Lowrance:
*Trolling Motor:

Pelican Bass Raider Boat Review:

*Amazon Associates Hyperlinks


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