MONSTER BASS FREAK SHOW : 41.8 lbs – Flipping at it's BEST

Ever wonder how to catch giant bass…Try flipping matted grass. Bass love to hide in the thickest cover around. Watch Scott Martin and a couple of his friends put the “Smack Down” on some Big Bass. Special thanks to Okuma for building the TCS 7.11 Mat Daddy and Trokar Hooks for making some awesome hooks. The Bruiser intruder rigged with a 1.5 oz River2sea Tungsten with 65lbs PLINE Braid were the stars of the show. This video was shot exclusivly on the new Garmin Virb camera….We are very impressed with the quality and easy of operation…perfect for fishing and hunting! To enjoy some big bass action come on down to Lake Okeechobee….best lake in the country!

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