Tiny Lure Challenge Ep.8. In this episode i use the smallest crankbait i have ever seen! ***100th episode!!!!!!!!*** (THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!) 618fishing.com – (coming soon!) Follow me on…


  1. Those rebel micro lures and really all their lures have caught me tons of fish. I prefer the crickhoppers and craws, been fishing with them since I was a young lad.

  2. Ugly duckling is really small, under one inch and 2 grams. There are some rare ugly ducklings that are 1,5 cm and 1 gram, but can`t find it anymore.
    YooZuri also have some nice ones. Just bought a thin one on Walmart. Really good.

  3. with the patience that you have in the ability to catch fish you might be good in like fishing tournaments or bass tournaments or something but awesome videos always

  4. Not even gonna lie the president phfluger is the smoothest and best light tackle reel I have ever owned have caught anywhere from small 1/4 pound blue gill up to eight pound trout and reels still running strong

  5. Great video…!! Check out the video of the fish you lost … the rod was kinda jerking up and down … barbless takes a little getting used to .. rod tip stays up and pressure .. not telling you your business you probably knew this already

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