Lure Fishing #3 – Burning Blue Fox Spinners for Big Smallmouth Bass in a Small River

Total smallmouth bass in the video: 13

Best smallmouth bass in the video: 2:16
Best fallfish in the video: 9:00

I was jig and spinner fishing in a small river in New York during fall (October). I got to the river before sunrise and used my medium-heavy rod to cast out a silver-colored blue fox spinner and bring it back as close to the surface of the river as possible. I think this imitates bait fish moving around right at dawn, and I’ve found that it’s great for rising smallmouth bass early in the morning during fall in small rivers. Eventually, I caught an 18″ smallmouth bass — a big smallmouth bass for a small river, I think. I switched over to jig fishing and got a few more bass. I hopped over to another pool and got a fallfish while jigging, and the fish seemed to turn off after that.

I think this video sort of showcases the power of burning spinners at dawn for bass, but it isn’t the greatest video in the Lure Fishing series. It’s also kind of special in its own way though because it’s one of the first videos in the series. I’ve had many better days of fishing than this one just one year since I started making the Lure Fishing series — lots of videos with much longer and many more bass, plus many videos where I target other types of fish and share the tips and techniques I pick up along the way.


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