Fishing the Occoquan Reservoir in Virginia. The fishing was tricky, with the Occoquan experiencing 14 straight days of rain! The reservoir was the color of …


  1. Doesn't that grip weigh .11, so that bass would only weigh just over 3? You should subtract the weight of the grip from the scale. 😂 I don't want this to sound like a hate comment even though it somewhat does, but nice video man

  2. I fish the occoquan all the time and my biggest bass ive pulled outta there was a 10 pound 22inch large mouth. Ive pulled a couple 30 pound catfish out and a snake head. Really good fishing between the route 1 and 95 bridge on the occoquan

  3. I don't understand spending that much on a rod, reel, and or tackle, i catch bigger fish on plain black rubber worms and a $20 rod reel combo from Wal-Mart. people underestimate plane things, let's spend an entire paycheck on some brightly colored shinny baits and other worthless shit, i guess if you have that kind of money it's no big deal but it's a waist

  4. if you're willing to come out to zorinsky Lake in Omaha Nebraska we could go fishing because I caught a pretty nice size bass out of their weight about two or three pounds

  5. funny story lol. I almost lost my dad's rod when he was in town one day. I was cat fishing with my rods and my dad's rods. he told me he would be back but he was talking forever. I reeled mine in and went to set it against the camper when I heard something bouncing off the rocks. it was my dad's pole. I was freaking out and I quickly grabbed my other pole. threw it out and first cast I managed to snag it. reeled it in and the fish was still on there. it was my best/worst day of fishing haha. long story short I told my dad and he laughed about it😂

  6. you kidding me? I make sure I get every penny back in change when I buy a $1 burger at McDonalds… I swear if that fell in I would jump in after it immediately idc if there's a gator next to it. That gator is gonna catch hands if it doesn't move. Smh dude you also almost broke Mikes rod when you went for yours

  7. You know whats funny. I have 2 or 3 mid-higher end set up that i rarely use. Just because im afraid that it will go in the drink. It hasnt happened to me in years tho..but i have had it happen

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