Caught this largemouth bass and a LIVE snake was inside its stomach!! Totally freaky, what are the odds of catching it while the snake was still alive!?? Caught …


  1. Wow @Mark Swanson, what is your problem? After I let the bass go, with snake intact, and put my phone away, preparing to push off, I realized the bass was hovering along the shoreline. So I reached into the water, grabbed the fish and pulled the snake out. The bass quickly swam off, but the snake appeared to be mangled about the head and was slowly writhing in the water. Unfortunately, I did not get this part on video, but that's what happened.

  2. Very cool, saw a screenshot on Facebook and didn't know if it was legit. Also do you know what kind of snake it is? I'm guessing it's a water since it was a in a fish lol!

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