Season 11 eps 11- This episode is for all the people who love flippin` or pitchin` jigs for largemouth bass. Karl is fishing a popular cottage lake that has many …


  1. Hey Karl just to narrow things down. What size jigs should I be throwing. Any one better then others and what's the best palstics to add on. If fishing docks will a swim jig be as good as a flipping jig. Man I'm getting pumped. To bad bass is the last to open its going to be a longgg wait thanks

  2. Loved watching u Karl on my tv fishing a flipping jig. I'm really getting into this type of fishing. Tryed it last yr and it was outstanding. Just wondering if u wait for the hit or u watch the line. Great

  3. Great info.
    You can also use a jig to cover quite a bit of water.  Cast it way out, let it sink to the bottom, and reel it is slowyly.  You can feel every bump, piece of rock, weed, sunken log, and you name it.  Stay slow, and if a bass is there, you will get bit.    but different bait for different days.  Sometimes bass want something small on the surface, sometimes something huge on the surface, etc.  And I'd never consider a jig a large bait.     A ten or twelve inch long swimbait, crankbait, or worm is a large bait.    Even a big jig is usually pretty small.    If you want truly big bass, you have to thgrow things small bass won't even try for.

  4. Hey Karl
    Like your style, and the way you show step by step, what, and how to work Baits.
    I fish a local tournament every week and won two so far this year so I am not a Rookie by any means, but we all need to review these things, and should..
    Your show has improved my fishing I Know.
    Keep up the Good work, my friend.

    Tom Roucek

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