Catching farm pond largemouth bass with a fly rod using mouse / mice patterns.


  1. Appreciate the Fly Fishing Consultant Podcast. More saltwater episodes! You left that mouse pattern on the ground, Rob!

  2. Figures that a handle would be in the way of the strike! I made an hour long video and caught 30 some bass. The only problem was that a grass seed head blew in front of the lens for 50+ minutes of the video. You could hear splashing and thrashing, but couldn't see a blasted thing.

  3. Nice video, Flyfishing is rustic and basic anyway… Dont know why some people have to be so critical about it. I know the largemouth bass in North Georgia sure dont mind when my deerhair diver slaps the water over their bed, and then engluf the fly!!!!

  4. don't listen to the haters here. obviously your casting works and catches fish so you must be doing something right. plus bass don't care if the fly hits the water hard it actually attracts them.

    P.s. i hate it when the line gets tangled in my shoe laces and nice video

  5. Man been reading the post !!!! I think sticking with a double haul would help (You pulled it off good in one part of the video) but its not the cast its the line…… Just a crazy ldea might want to step up to some bone fish stuff!!!! make the mouse look great and I'll bet aint nothing in that pond will break it!!!

  6. @MrSquiggles11 what is your problem??? Being a cocky douchebag doesn't make you cool. I would like to see you come to steelhead alley where I live and try to keep up with my guys.

  7. @MrSquiggles11 judge not till you throw a 4 inch mouse fly on a switch rod with 450gr line. You are welcome to come to D.C. and show me how to fish any time.

  8. haha i hate it when the line gets tangled on my feet like that, nice vid i just got some mouse flys and am gunna try the same thing on sunday in this pond thats loaded with pickerel and big bass

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