Fishing for largemouth bass in summer and early fall can be a tough bite sometimes. In this video you will learn that purple worms like these are a go to in many …


  1. Recent hurricanes may have pushed the love bugs up. They usually are found in southern Louisiana and big storms push then around to new locations where people have no idea what they are

  2. the love bugs wer genetically engineered by humans to try and clear r mosquito problem back a little while ago.. we cross breaded 2 different bug species and got the love bug…problem was they did jus the opposite of wat they wer made to do and caused big problems and they r so dam abundant now!! we have a bunch here in wpb FL u can thank the idiots who created these nuisance bugs!!! I hate them…

  3. I really like your videos man, you and Jon B. are my two favorite bass fishing youtubers. keep up the great work and bringing fishing to the people when we can't get out on the water!

  4. lol funny cause i got this cool purple color in bass pro's senko worm and i caught about a dozen smallies during last summer Nd fall, i literally picked up that simply cause i thought it looked cool lmao

  5. Fished a few times with LTD guide service and the legend Harold Allen! Can't say enough good things about my experience with them. I would recommend them anytime!

  6. Here in central Fl., you can kill them with a Zoom Junebug color,10.5 inch worm. I was using purple 7inchers doing well for many months, and switched to the 10.5 inch, and I at least doubled my catch. I originally bought the 10.5's for fishing Lake Istokpoga, now use them at every lake around here.

  7. @lakeforkguy can you do a video on the drop shot? What your rod,reel, line, hook, weight, and chose of bait is? I've been watching you for a while and learned so much from you man. Tight lines brother

  8. What is your plan if you hook up on a big fish with your drop shot setup? It seems like fairly small/average fish are taking drag and putting a lot of play in the rod even though they are not heavy fish

  9. I've been having awesome luck withe the Berkley Havoc 6" Juice Worm Jr. in electric blue color. Basically purple with blue glitter. Fish it weightless, or a 1/8 oz. split shot 16" up the line on 8lb Sufix green. It's like a finesse version of the Power Worm. Biggest so far is a couple of 4 pounders.

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