A day with my dad catching small bass non stop and a few nice ones. He got me today with the biggest fish. Fun day. Happy Fathers Day Dad! Check out how he …


  1. This one isn't fl.. It's de at my fathers house. In fl there is water everywhere and big bass lurk in so many of them. In my fl videos, most places are in the community I am staying in or somewhere else that's accessible. Thanks for watching.

  2. Now that's a biggin…. this in Florida right? Are those ponds public n or you gots to walk through someone's yard… we was down there in May looking for some spots like this to fish but couldn't find no entry point n looks like the ponds are behind the resort n condo homes….

  3. Stocked..? All ponds were stocked at one time… It hasn't been stocked since a farmer did many years ago…it's natural turn-over at this point. Thanks for looking!!

  4. If u have vertical grass, yes throw a swim type jig with a craw trailer. If its just open water, try a jig with a keitech trailer. From there.. Jerkbait.. Topwater… Frog over mats.. Etc etc. thanks for looking.

  5. Oh yes definitely! In fact it will probably be better because its something they have never seen before and hey they are opportunistic feeders so if they can fit in their mouth they will EAT IT. Especially when there only way to mess with it is with there mouths

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