Snuck out on Mother’s Day for an afternoon of offshore structure fishing. Lake Fork did not disappoint showing us why she’s so famous on the very first fish of the …


  1. I live in Florida now and fish Fork occasionally. But for me when the fish are stacked on the ridges or off the edge of the creek like they were on your HDS 9 my go to would be a Tailkicker 1/2 oz. But I am a bit partial to the bait I guess.

  2. I think I know that spot and it is hard to catch fish on it due to all the boat traffic during a big tourney….Hard for me anyway Looks kinda of like an interstate when the Skeeter owners tourney is in town…

  3. Great video as usual, I don't know if you seen it but you had a HUGE carpenter ant running around your head at the first of the video.. I hope they aren't boring holes in the wood on that skeeter..

  4. Great largies there! Great video too, bud. What was/is your leader line length when fishing that Carolina rig for post spawners offshore like that? Hope you didn't forget your bouy over there after you closed out the video! 🙂

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