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  1. I am a newbie in Bass Fishing with lures & plastic bait and you have helped me a lot along those lines. I was thinking about getting one of those stand-up bars for my yak, but I punch thick mats & lily pads when fishing out of my kayak in Florida. From watching this video, even the seasoned pros have trouble balancing while reeling in a fish standing up in their kayaks. You don't have time for that when power setting the hook and horsing a big bass out of the mats before they snag you up on lay-downs under the mat. I will continue to sit while fishing in my Yak…lots of leeches in the lily pads if I were to fall in. If I want to fish standing up in a boat, I will get a cheap Jon Boat for that. I love my Yak because at 64 it is light enough to pick it up and put it on the car and go fishing on my own, I would need a friend to help with something larger like a canoe. Thanks for helping me with this decision.

  2. Great video. I was sick and tired of bank fishing and seeing how I fish bye myself I bought a old town predator mx last year and love it. So happy I did and any fisherman thinking of it try it. About to do my 1st tournament on Lake Ontario for pike. Can't wait. I look forward to your next videos and hope to see more kayak vids too. Well done

  3. Hi Micky. Thanks for another very informative video. I fish on a rather big lake using a two-seater sit on top with my son.  What astonishes me is you guys being able to fish spawning bass. In france, the fishing season opens May 1, after bass, pike zander (our walleye) and perch (not the same species you have) have finished spawning.  I know you catch and release but doesn't that perturb spawning fish and have an influence on reproduction?  Thanks for your kind answer to my " Fish Biology 101" question! 🙂

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