Some frustration and then redemption. Also got to break in my new Adventure Technologies Oracle Angler paddle in.


  1. Always have a follow up bait tied on when frog fishing. Wacky rig was definitely a good choice, I myself prefer a weightless senko. But either way, results count. Good fishing man

  2. Nice vid MagicYaker, I just discovered your channel.  Your AT Oracle Angler is quality.  I contacted ACK in Austin today but they don't carry them.  Where did you order yours from?  Thanks man!

  3. Awesome vid man! Can't beat a frog in January!!! Gonna throw a frog this weekend around the reeds for a little and see if I can get a giant to commit! GL at KATS Houston lake!

  4. you should do a video of where and how you set up your go pros on that boat because I just made my big purchase. thanks to you, I purchased the same exact kayak you have here. thanks.

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