I talk to anglers all the time that are intimidated about kayak fishing because they can’t stand up or they are worried about falling out of the kayak or “tumping …


  1. I just got a kayak and I have to do some modifications to it so it can be fish able. But I think it would be cool to get together and fish one day so I could get some tips. Awesome videos keep it up.I'm that guy you gave the hat to at the pizza place.

  2. Great video a lot of my buddies I try to introduce into kayak fishing all ask the same question. "How is standing and fishing"? this is a nice video that will answer a lot of question. Also this is one of the many reason I personally choose the ATAK 140. Great video Chad.

  3. Hey Chad, im 5'9 265 and have an old town predator 13 its very shaky when standing im guessing because I have not trusted the secondary stability, but in your opinion would I be better suited In a wilderness atak 14 such as yours?

  4. great presentation….tech speak!…i say "put yak into a bind". …also i explain that stability and sense of balance are two separate issues…one has to know the diff……side bar, my trolling motor has improved the stability by acting as ballast…and a shock absorber-lessens speed, intensity and duration of wobble/shaking…technically speaking of course. …enjoying your videos!

  5. I have a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Angler (which I love), but I've never tried standing in it. I know it isn't quite the same design as the ATAK kayaks. Have you tried standing in a Tarpon 120?

  6. I love standing and fishing in mine, it keeps the circulation flowing to the lower extremities as well as increase my casting distance. It also helps to find better holes to pitch into.

  7. Get it Chad! You gonna invent the first "fitness" fishing kayak? I can see it now…. introducing the new Wilderness Systems Slow Burn 140!!! Ripping lips and ripping abs. Offered in patterns such as lava, fire, muscles, mushroom cloud, and BBQ pit.

  8. Question, should a person get a stand up in kayak as their first one. I noticed if you can't stand alot of fishing techniques are hard to do. What do you recommend?
    Even a cheap one that u can stand in?

  9. The water here in Ontario is still too cold for me. But what I would like to know is how the weight loss has effected kayaking. I'm down 23 lbs but going for another 40 and hoping that sack of potatoes I carried around last year in the yak will make this year much better.

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