Bass fishing from the kayak with Chad Hoover using Capt Ken’s Clone Frog Series. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “NEW 2017 Shimano Chronarch 151HG MGL …


  1. Ive got one had it for two years and never thrown it. Don't ask why but anyways I was Leary of the hook place ement for this lure but watching this video help out with all that. Now my question is what's the diff between series 1 and Series 3 frogs.

  2. Hey Chad,Larry "MassBass" here.I got some frogs from your site back when customs jammed up the delivery on you.I found a hook for Horny toads and similar frogs called a frog sticker by bayou it out.My hookup ratio went up big time because it puts the hook between the legs where the strike usually happens.I also picked up a kayak 'cause I can't let you have all the fun Bro'.Keep the vids coming,they are a hoot.All the best to you and your lovely wife.Blessings to all,Poppafish

  3. I would say the top three frogs are the Capt Ken Frog, the Kopper's Live Target and the SnagProof Frogs. Each has its own strengths depending on where and how you are fishing. I like almost any frog out there and I recently started to use the Dahlberg frogs from River2Sea and they are pretty good too.

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