Catching some bass from deep structure using jigs.


  1. Great job recording and nice video. Personally I like to use a 7'3" rod or longer for casting jigs. I need that extra length to sweep more line. Recently switch from a 6.4:1 to 7.2:1 to pick up more line. What part of the country you in?

  2. I personally value my rods, so I don't ruin the tip guide's condition by reeling my lures up like you do. Take advantage of the lure keeper, scratched guides lead to line shredding.

  3. Great video, but two things. First, you need to really slam that hook home, so use a little bit stiffer rod; as well as make sure your hooks are sharp. Second, try not to bring the rod so far back when you are working your jig; meaning, your rod should never even reach a 90 degree angle.

  4. There could be several reasons for bad hookups. Someone mentioned a poor jig design which is possible. Also he didn't say just how deep he is fishing. If it's deeper than about 15 feet, I would go with a heavy action rod rather than medium-heavy. The stiffer rod will give you a much better hookset in deep water.

  5. Do NOT lower your rod after the hook set when your fishing with jigs, jigs normally hook on top of the mouth, so keep your rod up and keep pressure on the fish, when the fish jumps lift the rod higher and keep the line tight. Use a 7'6 Veritas with Sunline FC Sniper.

  6. Are those fish coming off because you're setting the hook with your rod straight up and down? Seems like you're detecting a lot of your bites with the rod at 12 o'clock and can't get a full hook set.

  7. the reason for all those fish coming off was the jig, that big rectangle rattle inhibits the penetration. I've miss many fish on those Denny Brauer pro model jigs too. i started studying the jig and concluded it was the rattle

  8. I can see where your coming from with the hookset but when your that high up with your rod on the lift, you really dont wanna reel down and try to set the hook because that fish might leave. But I really do agree with you.

  9. Have you ever thought of using a longer and more powerful rod for a better hookset? I use a Dobyns Champion 735. And try setting the hook like a man. I have never once seen Tommy Biffle, Denny Brauer, or Greg Hackney set the hook as light as you do. You need to drive that jig into it's mouth through the weed guard.

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