How to make an inexpensive fish attractor.


  1. At my local ponds with permisson from landowners my grandfather taught me when I was younger to pick out dead or dying trees close to the bank and cut them down falling them into the water, but that's not so much encouraged or allowed these days so I'm going to give this a shot maybe make 15 of them to start! Thanks man much appreciated!

  2. Great video. I made 12 of these. I used a chop saw for cutting drip tube. Mounted a 24" about 1-3/4 Dia PVC tube to end of saw bed and another shorter piece to feed drip tube through on other side. Easy and fast to cut many pieces this way because it temporarily takes out bend in drip tube for easier cutting with saw.

  3. I went to Google to look for non-biodegradable Crappie habitat ideas and saw the Pond King products and thought: No way am I spending that kind of coin. I can make my own out of old garden hose or something. Thanks for sharing your idea Richard.

  4. pond king is an idiot and can't stand loosing money to true Americans with good ideas and the ability to make stuff on there own. I have made a bunch of those exactly like these for over 15 years

  5. Pond King: I can't believe your company would have the nerve to legally harass a fellow Georgia native. This design isn't being sold for profit nor does it looks anything like your products. I'm lazy, was actually going to purchase 5 fish attractors from your company. Not now… You lost all respect from me.

  6. About 10 yrs ago I build my own from thing I got from my job. 8by8by12" treated wood,thumb sz fiberglass tubing from 2ft to 6ft,weighted with big blocks. Intended for the 14in crappies that in the privet lake that's 50 miles away. Fished it a few times only to find carps and bass taking residence. However your way is a lot easier I need to try on the home lake. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Wow people are so ridiculous! This guy is b just trying to show people an easy way of making your own at home. As opposed to buying one. (Expensive) people have been making these for generations. I'm 33 and I remember doing it as kids after our father's taught us how. No one on here was first. It's been done for decades at minimum. Great video bud!

  8. Pind King guy is mad becuase you made a great product just as good and not as pricy which his products are. There is nothing here he could do to get U sued becuase your not selling it. There are competitors too who have created similar i thinks he's ridicouls I will never give him business.

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