Jason Sealock talks about equipment, lures, presentation, hooking, fighting and landing bass while fishing with drop shot rigs as well as demonstration on …


  1. hello, I have been watching a lot of these drop shot videos and have noticed everyone is on a lake.  So my question is; is this method effective in river systems  or even shallow river systems.  thanks!

  2. The bro down there says two lures better than one.
    As far as line goes, Ande green tournament line for strength and flouro for smooth…….i only use Ande if I had the money.

  3. No. It's very castable. When I'm fishing it from the bank, I cast it out and then I drag it slowly on the bottom until I pull it up next to something like a big rock or piece of wood and then I just try to shake it in place by popping the slack and not moving the sinker hoping to attract whatever lives next to that cover. It's not really weedless so it can get hung a little more if there is too much cover.

  4. 9 mins and nothing about the hook or how to rig it, especially since it needs to stand out from the line. Need to spend some time demonstrating actually rigging the whole line, hook & sinker.

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