Kevin Hawk talks about fishing a Yamamoto Senko shallow for bass. In this video he talks about tackle, presentation, shade, cover and more. Some great tips for …


  1. They keep showing videos fishing under piers. That's a rarity for the majority of us. Wish they would fish the natural structure like the majority of us have to. Lots of these videos show fishing privately owned ponds, also. :-/

  2. a bait caster when you cast it the line comes straight off the Spool instead of coming of the spool in spiral. Thats why you line gets twisted. Generally you can cast further with a bait caster for that simple reason.
    Hope that helps.

  3. +Kennnny77 The new baitcasters will definitely help with the backlash problem. if you want a decent price reel that is smooth is the lews speed spool $99.99 USD it has 10 bearings and comes in mulitiple retrieve speeds.

  4. I don't recommend a "whippy" rod for casting soft plastics. You need a rod with a tip that flexes to give you some control when casting. But backlashing is more a function of thumb control. With lighter baits you have to turn the tension down and control it with your thumb more. Yes today's reels would make this task easier.

    Kevin was using an Irod Air Series MH 7 foot rod in this video to pitch a senko. A senko is actually a fairly heavy lure, even weightless.

  5. Thanks for the reply. I've been using 12 lb trilene xl but still can't get good distance without backlashing…then again, I'm using a shimano chronarch bantam that's 15 years old. Do the new baitcasters with new technology help with casting lighter baits? 10 lbs – backlashes and have to put 4 of 6 VBS on…14 lb is good but sacrifice distance and 12 lb seems to be the sweet spot…I tried #30 lb suffix (8 lb dia.) and that was a nightmare lol. Appreciate the help.

  6. How do you avoid backlashes with heavy gear and a light senko? Specific baitcasters with bigger line guides or something and could you recommend a reel for heavier line that can fish lighter plastics and casts well? Thanks

  7. Yes Kevin said he has one on his deck all year. And he said it's the best throw back bait ever. If a fish misses a spinnerbait or topwater he can quickly pick up the senko and throw it back in there and catch those fish a lot of the time.

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